Workflow source codes

Hello everyone,
i want to make a robot execute a job with the agent without exposing the source code
i already know how to publish the package to the agent with or without orchestrator but in both cases the workflows will be visible in the folder “~.nuget\packages\Name\1.0.3\lib\net45”
anyone can access it.
the question is is there any way to crypt or hide the source codes for security reasons ?


this thread may help you!

Thanks for the quick reply,
but already saw that thread the problem is even doing that the source code will be always visible under this path “~.nuget\packages\Name\1.0.3\lib\net45”
thats the problem

anyone ?

Hi @Bouhdida_Abderrahim

The basic way to secure it would be to not allow end user to enter this location via Windows Policies.


yes thats true but the problem is we’re gonna showcase a PoC in a client environment so we don’t have the ablity to change those setting