Is there any way to keep process code secured


How can I make my process secure so that my client can not see the process code.

Anyone please suggest me the best way to make all the XAML file can be replace by any secured file which can not be readable by client.



Zip the file and put password to protect it. Please check below thread for your reference.

Hello Lakshman,

I am not using Orchestrator. So, I will only publish NUGET package of my workflow on BOT machine and then workflow will executed manually by BOT.

In this situation, anyone can easily get the XAML file which I want to secure so that client can not see the code.



As you mentioned, you are uploading nuget file only and if the client wants to see code then they need separate software do open that code.

You can take backup of the code and then place it in bot machine.

@nidheessingh see if the Package signing feature will help with your inquiry: