How can i make my Process secure?

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How can I make my process secure so that my client can not see the process code.

Anyone please suggest me the best way to make all the XAML file can be replace by any secured file which can not be readable by client.


Hi @nidheessingh

Is your client using the Orchestrator?
If not, where do you publish the code that you are writing?
If Orchestrator is not present, How are you running the workflows you create?

Why I asked these questions is to get a background knowledge on what kind of an environment you have there so that I can think of a best suitable answer for you…

Hi Lahiru,

My client is not using Orchestrator. As per our planning, we shall develop our process/workflow on development machine using uipath designer and thereafter, we shall publish the NUGET package on production machine.

Client will execute the process using BOT manually on the production Machine.


Hi @nidheessingh

I think you can use obfuscation software to protect the code behind the dll files you bundle up with the nuget packages. There are few tools to do this as I know. However I haven’t used any of those. Try a google search and see whether you can find any open source stuff where you can do it for free, else you might need to purchase one.

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@nidheessingh , good point to know,in next few days i also need the solution for this. if you get the solution could you please update me.

Thanks in advance…

Best Regards,