Workflow developed in Windows 7 fails when deployed and run in Windows Server 2016


I developed a Workflow in Windows 7, which performs some activities in Remote Desktop Machine. when I deploy and run it in Windows Server 2016 it fails to click on the images in Remote desktop machine. Has anybody experienced a similar issues? If yes, kindly revert if you also have some solution for this issue.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Nikhil,

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues. I have a couple ideas as to what might fix this:

  1. I’ve noticed in the past that some applications show different selectors between Windows 7 and certain Windows Server editions. I’d double check any selectors you’re using (such as the one used to attach to the Remote Desktop window) to make sure they’re still accurate in the new OS.

  2. In terms of using image recognition, there are some issues that can occur. For example, if one of the virtual machines has a different resolution it can throw off image-based activities. You could try using some of our OCR activities instead (Find OCR Text Position or Click OCR Text come to mind) to add some robustness when facing differences in resolution.



Hi Evan,

Thank you very much for providing your valuable inputs.