Workflow designer pop up

Help for blank workflow designer pop up in every run of uipath sudio.
I saw a couple of posts related to this, but wondering do we have a solution for the same? if yes please let me know.
i have installed uipath studio enterprise edition in my windows 7 machine
So everytime i run a process, the workflow designer blank pop up shows up and completely frezzes everything, untill i go to the task manager and kill the uipathstudio process.


I am also having this error on Windows 10, current version of UiPath Studio as of 6/1/2018.

Is there any fix or workaround other than to End Task in Task Manager for UiPath Studio?

I just started having this problem as well, I’m using the 2018.1.4 version
And it’ll happen even if i’m not trying to use it. Like if I’m running a bot in debug mode and it hits an exception sometimes I’ll get the exception other times I’ll get a blank workflow designer popup instead of any information about the exception. and at that point it seems only thing I can to is Task kill the studio.