Blank "Workflow Designer" dialog on secondary screen


When using UiPath on a new, secondary screen, I get a “Workflow Designer” dialog box that continues to pop up as I close it. This means that I am not able to use UiPath at all on the screen, as it is fixed on top of the software, and won’t let me use the rest of the program until the dialog is dismissed. There is about 1-2 seconds from when I close the dialog window until it pops back up.

The screen in question is a Samsung 34" SE790 Curved WQHD Monitor, used with HDMI.

Steps to reproduce:

Use UiPath on laptop, without HDMI connection: No problem. Connect the cable: No problem. Use UiPath on latop screen while connected to screen: No problem. Drag UiPath over to the new screen: Dialog window starts popping up, and will continue to do so as long as you continue to dismiss it, or you force quit UiPath.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

UiPath 2016.2.6344

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc): Nothing I have found, though I have attached a screenshot of the empty dialog. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see.

Thank you!


That looks quite bizarre. I don’t know what’s happening, but for what it’s worth to the diagnosis, I’ve been using the same version of UiPath at work on a laptop with an external screen for a while without issues. Differences with your case: the laptop still runs Windows 7 (I can look up the exact version tomorrow) and the screen is connected with a VGA cable.

Thanks for the feedback, I suspect it may be because of the strange format of the screen, but it is really hindering my workflow at the moment, so I appreciate the help in figuring this out.

I’m having the same error on two Windows 10 Pro machines. Resizing or moving the UiPath Studio window seems to initiate the error. Studio Log

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will have to investigate, we can`t repro in house…
can you update to 2017.1.6435 (latest release) and try again?

I’m having the same problem about 2-3 times per week. I’m running dual screens, if that matters. I can’t reproduce the error, I just randomly get it. I just got the error and I’m running the latest enterprise edition, 2017.1.6435.

I also get a similar workflow designer error, but with text, when I change variable type in the variables panel and try to click on an activity with the same variable. In both cases the error keeps popping up even if I try to close it. Normally I have to close it about 8 times and then it stops showing up or UiPath crashes

We have the same issue after upgrading to 4K monitors. Before we were using 1080p monitors with having this issue.

Have the same issues with a windows 7 machine and version 2016.2.6442. Only way to get access back is to shutdown uipath with the task manager.

Just my two cents.
I think it largely depends on the robot you’re building.
Meaning when you are using the automatic record or using clicks/ mouse gestures all the windows have to be on the main screen.
In my case i have a laptop and two extra monitors.
However I can only successfully record mouse gestures if all the windows are on my main laptop display.
When I move UI Studio to one of my extended screens I can replicate this issue.