Workflow analyzer - code review integration with Jules pipeline

Hello all,
We are using Jules and API’s pipeline to publish packages to orchestrator.

But we would like to know how we can integrate workflow analyzer for code review or other code reveiw mechanism into this pipeline.

Any documentation or pointers will be appreciated. Thanks.

Maybe a first check can be the commandline options from the workflow analyzer. Have some look on a past discussion on this and also about some missmatches:

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@ppr Thanks Peter.

I could run the workflow analyzer from CLI using UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe.

But one thing I am not clear is, we need above .exe from local installation to execute workflow analyzer from cli. But how does it gets picked and work in jules eco system? From where will we need to pick this exe as we get this .exe only after tool installation.

Not sure of this .exe tool can be used in silos aka copy just the .exe and run on project.json to get the results?