Need option to Export Workflow Analyzer Results

Regarding Workflow Analyzer in Studio: It would be good if we have option to export “Analyze Project/File” results to xls/csv file.

This will be use full when multiple team members are working on project and tech lead have to do code review and assign observations/violations to team members.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


I also have the same thought as Kuldip.gohil.
My company wants to show customers analyzer result in excel.

Any updates on this capability? What about exporting the configurations for the workflow analyzer across developers?

Hi. This case is still under review.


For anyone who needs a temporary workaround, please use the command line version of Workflow Analyzer.

Analyze a single file:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe” analyze-file -p “c:\UiPath\Test Process\Main.xaml” > c:\temp\results-Main.json

Analyze an entire project:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe” analyze -p “c:\UiPath\Test Process\project.json” > c:\temp\results-Test_Processs.json.



Hi Krishtopher,

I am using commandline window for Workflow analyzer execution. But it is not giving any results.

.any idea?

Hi @shalini23,

Can you validate the paths are correct for the files please?

Unfortunately the executable does not produce an error when it cannot find the file to analyze.

Can you go to c:\users\svcFLNACICDADM\Documents\UiPath\RoboticEnterpriseFramework and issue a command dir to see if the path is correct / the files are found please?





Hi Kristopher,

Thanks for the immediate response. PFB screenshot of command DIR. It is listing down all the files and folders in that path.

Hi @shalini23,

This is odd behavior. Can you create a brand new project and put the new project’s folder with the project.json and Main.xaml onto the base of the C drive and then try to run the command again?
e.g. c:\project1


Isn’t it because you are forcing a file output “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe” analyze -p “c:\UiPath\Test Process\project.json” > c:\temp\results-Test_Processs.json.

However i guess it of course should provide the results in the command-line but could be that it would work if using that. I can’t see that @shalini23 is generating any output file.

Hi Kristopher & Sonnymeyer

Thank you so much . Now it is working I just changed folder path and i have tried.

Do you have any idea regarding custom code rule implementation in uipath using Visual studio?

Hi @shalini23,
Why don’t you check our documentation? Everything is there :slight_smile:

Watch the video attached where one of UiPath member is showing live how to build a rule :wink:

I am sure that the video is very good, but the upload quality is terrible.
Nobody can read or watch that video and see the code itself.
Is it possible to get access to a high quality version?

No Matter, I found it here :

This version is very watchable and good res.

Could you possibly embed this version into Building Custom Rules as a replacement for the existing video?

Hi @kuldip.gohil,

I agree with you on this. It would be helpful for reviewers to have a look at the analyzer results standalone without having to depend on user to showcase the errors produced.

Thank you for bringing this up.


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I have created an executable to export the results. I am awaiting my Marketplace posting to be approved. Once approved I will link it here.

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Great to hear that :slight_smile:


Hi, Did you find a way to export workflow analyzer settings across developers?