Workbook - Write Cell Activity Bug


In Workbook - Writecell invalid range exception is not handled.
Due to wrong calculation if range is invalid like - A0 the value is writing for whole column from A1 - A1048576. File size increased from 8 KB to 5626 KB.

For excel application scope “The range does not exist.” - exception captured in catch block.
But for Workbook activity no exception captured in Catch block.

Please resolve this issue.Attached Sample workflow. (15.9 KB)


Hi @Vijay_Kumar_C

Thanks for reporting, we’ll look into that.

In fact, i have a process that works fine most of times… but when excel file is procesed serveral times, it grows. sometimes it change format to cells, when i open file with excel and close it after, the size is reduced a 70% aprox. i think could have a relation with this. but in my case there are not invalid cell initial position…

Hi @Vijay_Kumar_C

In the next version of the Excel activity package 2.10, trying to save to the A0 range will result in an exception rather than writing over the entire column.