Issue with Read range if Excel has formulas

Scenario: Read range activity is throwing exception as ‘Identifier expected’ if the workbook has formulas in it… This is occurring in latest version alone

Current Behavior: Throwing exception as ‘Identifier expected’

Expected Behavior: Should read the range and store in datatable

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2016.2.6274

Last stable behavior: Reads and stores data properly
Last stable version: 2016.1.6075

Hi @KarteekRPA,

This issue can be with the Excel package you are using.
This works fine for me. I am using package Version 2.0.6361.22986
Please update the package if you are not using the same version and verify.


Hi Vitan

Thanks for your response.
I am also using the same package version.
Try with the below sample excel & confirm if you are able to read it.

Karteek YVN

Hi @KarteekRPA,

It works fine for me.


Thanks for trying it Vitan…

It is working when I used Read range inside Excel Application Scope, throwing exception while using Workbook Read Range.

Could you please check this last thing and confirm.

Karteek YVN

Hi @KarteekRPA,

I checked with Workbook Read Range. I got an exception too.
So I created a file with lots of formulas and tested. That worked fine for me.
I got an exception message when tried to open the file manually (The file has some external links).
So I suggest that either you remove all external links or make sure that all external files are present and you are not getting the exception while opening file manually also.

And it should work fine.


Hi @Vitan

I understood that this error is due to external links in the formulas. Removing those links will work fine.
But the same file was reading fine in my earlier version of UIPath, the excel package version is 1.1.5998.20142.

Could you please check if there is any way to incorporate the older package’s advantage of reading any such excel files to the upcoming packages.

Karteek YVN

Hey Guys ,

This seems to be bug/issue with UiPath , if sheet name contains spaces and there is a formula in workbook that reference this worksheet, Ui Path will not be able to read the workbook and will throw Identifier Unexpected exception.

Resolution : Please create the sheet name without spaces if you are using formula :smile:

Deepak Upreti


What worked for me was to remove all the external links from the file. When I entered the file every time a pop-up with message ‘Automatic update of links has been disabled’ pops up. Clicking on ‘Enable content’, ‘Edit links’, selecting all and clicking ‘Break Link’ has helped me. Since then, error does not show up anymore.

Hope someone finds this usefull

Deepak Upreti you are a geniuos - yes - it is most definetly a bug!

I have struggled for many hours with this. Thank you for pointing it out. @UiPath please have a look at this!

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Hello friend, did Uipath fixed the issue?? with which package?