Work without citrix

Hi Team, I am visiting the forum after a good time and about to do a demo for UIPath use case.I do not have citrix environment but I can access the citrix GUI.

I have two check boxes and can you guide me how to click on them without having citrix ?

I referred this link but have no good answer.

Can you show me any pointers ?

Thanks in advance,


Welcome back to our uipath community.

Use Click Image activity and indicate that check box to check it.

@lakshman Thanks!!! For the welcome and for your response.

I have 5 check boxes and need to select all of them. Is there a way to select ?


For example it just surrounds the box row but does not selects.


Just try to indicate that check box only. And also you can give it a try with Computer Vision activities.

Is there a way I can anchor the text and click on the box ?
(Clicking works. But there is no control on which box it should click.)

Looks like Computer Vision activities is not an option since it sends image data to uipath servers.So this is not an option.