Citrix automation issue

In a Citrix web application i need to find a especific text and after click a checkbox to the left of the text.
Can you help me please?

Hi @qpds

use it bAsed on clicks And send hot keys

Ashwin S

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we can use ANCHOR BASE activity
where in the left side use FIND IMAGE and choose that text as a image
–then in the right side use a CLICK IMAGE activity by choosing that checkbox as image so that it would click on that check box

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @qpds

You can try with the citrix Extension/Computer vision for better results rather than the image activities.

@Palaniyappan This solution look good, but my text is variable. Do you have an ideia in this case?

never used, what are the server side requirements?

@qpds there is a “UiPath Remote Runtime” application to install on the citrix application server(s). Then on the client side you need to install the citrix extension (which can be done through studio or command line) and citrix receiver application.

I understand, but due to the company’s security issues I work this option is not feasible

really liked your idea but the text I have to look for is variable. Please do you have any suggestions for this case?

You mean variable like dynamic value or a variable storing constant value
Cheers @qpds

Dynamic variable, the text comes from a list that the user informs.