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Hi Guys,

I have a string of Text which I have extracted from a Word Doc. I was hoping to convert this into HTML code for input into a field on a web based app.

I am unsure however if the formatting will remain; I don’t think it will as it’s technically not within the string. But would there be any thoughts on how best I go about this? Perhaps need to convert the file to HTML first? Or Export to PDF first?

Many Thanks!

Hi Kyle, did you tried these steps Convert Word doc to HTML ?

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Hi @CristianDan I have yes, although this solution is only applicable for sending in an Outlook mail :))

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone had any further thoughts on this?

Many Thanks

@Kyleb91, have you checked this?


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Hey @SendoD thanks for that. It works well to convert the file but I am then having trouble getting the text from this .html in the same format for use and entry into a text field after… any thoughts?

Would anyone else have any thoughts on how to now use a .html file and copy this text for pasting into a web field?

@Kyleb91, do mark the above as the solution, and its recommended you open a new thread for each question just incase another person searches for the same problem solution they find relevant asnwers in one thread otherwise the thread will get too long and out of topic for the initially opened post.

anyways i do not know what your file looks like and what information you are trying to get out of it. but i assume you can use the read text file activity and then some string manipulation or regex to find specific values.

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Thanks for the help @SenzoD, however the original question still remains really.

With string manipulation the text seems to exit it’s formatting, through other methods.

@Kyleb91, i think i do not understand fully what your goal is. so first of all why did you need to cnvert text to HTML?
I know you mentioned inserting the data into a website, i assume thats a webform or just text fields. how do you want to enter the data into the webiste, buy typing it in or ? i guess i am kind of lost.

Sorry for being vague @SenzoD.

Brief.docx (30.6 KB)

This is the Word Doc I have; and I’d like to copy the text towards the end (between the “^”'s.

I would like to then convert this to HTML for input into this code box in an online webform: image

This then retains the formatting for submission onto the webpage.

The text in between will vary.

Hope this makes things clearer :slight_smile:

Very Close - I used read Text File, then split, and set to clipboard and pasted. The only issue are the Euro and GBP Symbols showing up as unknown:

Any ideas of what to call upon in order to Replace these symbols with “£/&euro” which seems to be necessary?

Thanks in advance

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