Convert Word doc to HTML


I have a word document that contains external links and pictures. I would like to use this document as the body of an email. Is it possible to do this directly or do I first need to save the Word doc as an HTML file? If so, how do I save the file as an HTML file?

Yah we can use that doc file as input
Use Word Application scope activity by installing uipath.word.activities from manage packages option from design tab → where search for the above package in official tab and install it
—once after installing use Read activity and get the output with a variable of type string named str_input
—now use Send Outlook mail activity and mention the above variable as input and enable ISHTMLBODY property in the property panel

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Thanks for getting back to me. So I just want to clarify:

  1. start with a word application scope
  2. use a read activity which is within the word activities
  3. save output as string variable
  4. call the output string variable in my outlook mail message
  5. make sure ishtmlbody property is enabled (will this ensure my links and embedded pictures are included in the email?)


Yes it will be included in the email if you enable the ishtmlbody property.

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Hey so I followed the steps and I checked the ishtmlbody property but the email only sends with the text and does not include the embedded picture or the hyperlinks that are attached to the text. Any idea why?

I also lose all formatting in my email

So if I do not use the word application scope, convert my word doc to an html and then use a read text activity it works. However, now the issue is it does not download the embedded images.

Any advice on making it work for either a)using word application scope or b) make it download the embedded images?

can you try converting the images to base64 from the doc and then using them in the html template. Thinking that base64 will be a good option to get you the image

how do i convert the images?

This must be a common issue with mail automation. Others musts have run into this problem no?

I am running into the same issues here. When I use the “Create HTML Content” Activity from the Mail Package and Copy Paste my word Document into it, it works for formatting but not pictures. When reading with the “Word Read” Activity, I just get the Text and lose all my formatting.