Convert HTML To Plain Text

Hey there team! i have a word and a text document, both with html content. i need to convert the content in both cases to plain text. I saw other posts on the site but they pertained to outlook. Any suggestions on a solution? Thanks in advance!

I used the following Steps:

  1. Assign the HTML text to a Plain text variable
    2.Use matches activity with β€œ<[^>]*>” as pattern and your text(html) as Input.
    3.Use for each loop (with Type argument as system.text.regularexpression.match) and inside for each loop use assign plaintext = plaintext.replace(item.tostring,β€œβ€)



Hi there @purchase_slkt this is what i did, it’s so super simple!!! I simple converted the txt file extension from txt to html, viewed it in the browser then simply copy and pasted in word documented. worked like a charm and received tons of cudos!!!