Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error

After updating our production robots to 18.3, one of our processes can’t update bookmarks in word anymore. It gives the following error:

Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error

The strange thing is that it doesn’t happen on the acceptance machines that are also running 18.3. I double checked that all access rights are there, so that can’t be the problem. Also the previous version of the process (developed 18.2.3) doesn’t give this message on either of our updated environments. The latest version is running word package: 1.2.6863.34260.

Anyone has any idea on why this is happening or how to solve it?

Hi @MatthiasVG

Please contact our support for extended help on the issue.

Can you isolate the issue in a new project and share it with us? It would be very helpful if you could only use the word activity in a new project and perform same actions that cause the issue.

Some screenshots would already be helpful to see how to reproduce the issue :slight_smile:
Also, since 2018.3 the Activity Packages are completely decoupled from the Studio itself. This means that it is mostly the activity pack version that might be at fault here, rather than the Studio version.

I turned out to be a faulty roaming profile of our login user. A reset did the trick

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