How can I fix "this command is not available" error message?

Hi, I’m taking the “Word Automation with StudioX” course on UiPath.
I downloaded the solution of the practice exercise but when I run it I see this screen

the file is
Solution - Modify Word Templates - StudioX (124.6 KB)


Could you pls check whether you imported word activities package in your studiox process. May be that is the reason it is throwing that error.

How can I do that?

You can import by using manage package option in studiox.

Refer below link for further help.

thanks for the reply. It’s installed. I see this screen

it means the package is installed, right?

Yeah you have it in your dependencies. Not sure why you are getting this error. Could you pls upgrade to latest version see if it resolves your error.

it’s upgraded to the latest version


After updating the package to latest version are you able to use “Use Word File activity”. please confirm.

no I can’t.