Word application scope execution issue

I have a process where the robot has to add images into a word document with word application scope.

Now that the robot is in unattended execution, at least twice a week is getting a problem where the job gets locked performing the adding image process. And when I said that gets locked is me cause the jobs keeps running without doing anything, doesn’t appear more logs and it keeps being like this for hours, last time was a day. Letting other important jobs in pending mode.

Somebody have had a problem with this?

HI @KevinDS ,

Could you open the machine where its running on and check if some popup is causing issues while bot is adding images to word, so maybe that hangs the bot.

Hi @KevinDS

You can set a timeout for the Word Application Scope activity. By specifying a reasonable timeout value, the activity will terminate if it exceeds the specified time limit. You can handle the timeout event and take appropriate actions, such as logging an error or retrying the operation.

Also, you can use Try-Catch blocks to catch any exceptions that occur during the image insertion process. Within the Catch block, you can log the error and implement recovery steps, such as closing and reopening the Word application, or terminating and restarting the job.


Hi Nitya1, could you take a screen shot of the activity word Application Scope with the timeoutMS? I was using version 1.13.1 and I didn’t find it and update to the last 16.1 and doesn’t have a timeOutMS. The problem is that the robot is running but is no generating error or log or continue or exception. It’s just there cosuming time and making other jobs to be in pending mode.

Could you check at that moment how many instance of Word is running in task manager ? Just to check if killing word process would help.

Maybe you have clicked auto save to true in properties of scope and images are heavy which is why word gets stuck and bot gets stuck there too.

There is no timeout activity for Word Scope.