Regarding UiPath automation with MS Word

Hi Team,

We are doing automation with MS word. Basically we extract the data from various systems and update in the word document as a report. we do open same Word document from 4 or 5 places module wise and update the appropriate contents and close it. Because of this we get some time MS word is hanging. There is no response to UiPath. we are unable to proceed to further to process next if Robot is stuck with one place. No error/exception thrown.

Anyone of you have faced an issue like this in your experience

I use MS word application scope activity from UiPath and MS office 2016.

I have 3 questions:

  1. Why Robot is hanging when we open and close Word document multiple times?
  2. Why exception is not thrown if Robot is Idle for a long time or Any property to set timeout with Word Application scope?.
  3. Any other workaround to handle this situation?

I will be very happy to get answers to my questions very soon.

Thanks and Regards
Ramu Thirugnanam

For me it happened in case of Excel.
Sometimes even after completing workflow, the EXCEL processes will be running in the background.

Please use kill process activity to close the Word process if running any before start of process. It will definitely improve the workflow.

There is no option to set the timeout of the word application scope. Because uipath runtime considers still some process is going on.

Kartheek Byggari

Karthik Byggari