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Hell all!
Please see below all the Studio/Become an RPA Developer sessions from the :hibiscus:Women in Automation Program ’. This thread is entirely dedicated for help and support to this specific Studio dedicated thread of the program.

Join the Studio/RPA Developer program training sessions:

Please post below in comments all your questions and answers :point_down: :point_down: :blush:


Hi @cristina.vidu, It’s wonderful initiative!

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Hi, I am working on “Build your First Process thru Studio”

In “Building the Workflow part 1” Section - I have to add a “For Each” activity. This is how it shows up in the tutorial:

While in my Studio it is very different, the variables are different and property is not showing up correctly either? How do I fix this please? Is the tutorial an older version or am I missing something? Thank you so much in advance for your help… :slight_smile:

This is how it shows in my studio, here is the link to what I am trying to learn -


Thanks for this useful and motivating initiative. A great learning opportunity and an wonderful stepping stone to the world of automation.


HI, Amazing Women in Automation peeps!
Reaching out for some help as I am a complete newbie!

@tracydixon @hanhntm @cristina.vidu Thank you so much for your help during the office hours today!

  1. I have UiPath Studio 2023.4.0 Community Edition and when I try to follow along with the tutorials there are steps I cannot follow as the tutorial is in older version, anyway to download an older version? I read somewhere that for the free community Studio edition you cannot get an older version, is that true?
  2. I need help figuring out what to put in the Workbook path in this exercise: UiPath Academy

The tutorial uses “RetrievedEmail” to apend the Work book path as shown below:

However in my studio version I do not have that options, kindly help! And Thank you in advance.

Hi UiLearner,

The error is in the variable you have used to address the CurrentItem of For Each Activity.

( In the academy it has been changed to RetrievedEmail instead of the default CurrentItem)

You have used CurrentItem in the List of Items and used the same in Save Mail Attachments too. But you have tried to use RetrievedEmail in the Excel Application scope( which will be considered not declared). The error in the top right also points to the same.

Hope this helps.

Happy Automation.

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That makes complete sense! Thank you so much for taking the time to help! :slight_smile:

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Try clicking on the Filter option above and enable classic option and it will show up more activities. May be in that you will able to get the right activity you are looking for.

Hope this helps.