Window hiding problem

Hi, I’m new in UiPath. I have a problem with the window hiding.
To type something on the website a new window pops up - when I add activity type into and start the robot, the window hides. Any idea?

Hi @sullivanne

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Can you elaborate your query please? provide an example


hi @sullivanne

Are you using Attach browser/Use Applcation or Browser Activity ?

if possible can you please share the Screenshot of your workflow

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hi @V_Vasanth_Kumar, I’m sending my robot. First, I open the website where I search for employees. To find an employee, a new window pops up where I want to enter the corporate ID, but the window is hidden, it does not enter my corporate ID.
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Hi @sullivanne

The pop up where you enter the Corporate ID, is it available when you try it manually?


In Type into you will have a property called Simulate in the input option ,Click on that and try to run your process again


hi @sullivanne

For the pop window, inside your attach browser activity try adding “maximize window” Activity.

If it doesn’t work try using Navigate to instead of attach browser activity and Make the Url Dynamic.

Yes, it is available. :frowning:

doesn’t work :frowning: :frowning:

Activities maximize window and navigate doesn’t work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The window keeps minimizing and not typing text with activity “type into”. Do you have any other ideas? I’ve been fighting this for a long time.

can you share your xaml file here by removing all the sensitive information you have used.?
Let there be only acivites… remove url, username and other sensitive data.

Hi @sullivanne Use Activate activity to activate the related web page, then use Attach Browser activity to perform type into. Below link on Activate activity