'Type Into' making 'Hidden Browser' Visible

Dear Automators, Facing an issue with Type Into while building a background automation.
It is highlighting the hidden Browser, As Elaborated below.

  • I tried Doing without send window messages and simulate type : It is Highlighting hidden browser

  • Then tried with send window messages : It is Highlighting hidden browser

  • Then tried with simulate type : string and [Enter] both getting entered as string.
    guide me which way works.
    Refer the Images:

Many operations in UiPath will not work with the browser hidden. As a rule of thumb, if the activity is not simulated, the browser will appear, but in my experience with Chrome, the browser cannot be hidden.


Hi Anthony,

Does that mean the browser is not allowed to be minimized? I am encountering this issue and if Chrome is minimized, it does not register a “Send Hotkey” activity.

Hi Sun_dar. I hope you solved your problem. As I’ve seen from the pictures, I think you are working on a Turkish langugae project. If you’re having problem with reading Turkish stuff please let me know. I’m Turkish. We can help each other.Thanks.

Chrome cannot be minimized while you’re sending hotkeys. If your concern is that it is loading in a minimized state, or becomes minimized when the page loads, use the Maximize Window activity to make it visible.


Thank you @sehz4d,
I solved the above, Liked your comment :grinning:.
I definitely will work together. :+1:

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Thank you @Anthony_Humphries, Liked your comment, it really helps me.