UiPath not able to recognize window

Hi all, I am trying to automate an application which is a mixture of desktop as well as web.
After opening the application link, window appears but UiPath is not able to recognize it or we can say it is not activating the respective window in desktop. I have used element exist activity and find element activity. Sometimes the activity is able to recognize but sometimes not. Please help to resolve this issue.

Hi @Indrani_Arora,
All you need is to attach the new window then use it you can do this action by using Activity called Attach window ( if you use classic activities) or ( use application/browser ) activity if you use modern activities.
please try this and update us if you still face issue :slight_smile:

Hi @mahmoud.zaky , Thank you so much for your reply.
Actually the issue is that first the bot has to identify that window first then it will enter the details in that window. If the window is not there then the script should fail.
Also I tried to attach window and perform actions directly without identifying the window but that also didn’t worked.


Please open ui explorer and try to identify the window and check the properties which are static

dont use window numbers ctrlid or cls which has numbers in it


Use element exists with a full selector and also validate attributes for a stable selector.
And if you want to fail it if window not found throw an exception.


Hi @prateek.mehandiratta9 , I have already used element exist activity but that is also not working.
Activity timeout exceeded error comes every time. I dont want to fail it, only if the window does not appear then it should fail. Exception part I can do but I want the bot to recognize the window. Window will appear every time.

Hi @Anil_G I checked there are no ctrlid or numbers or class in selectors. There are only three things in the selector - . It is still not working.


Can you please show the selector…more details are needed to know the issue


Selectors- app=‘’ cls= ‘HwndWrapper*’ title=‘’ aaname=‘’

Hi @Indrani_Arora

SO title and aanmae have asterisk in them what values are there?
For a window to identify can you try with title attribute.

You could also try wait attribute activity.


Please use preformatted text option to give the selector so that it is visible



Hi, I tried with wait attribute activity, it is not working. The values are there but I cannot write them here, I tried with title attribute also but not working.

Its there in the selectors but I didn’t mention here.