Wildcard * not working for selector

This was working before, but now it won’t validate the selector.

When I indicate element on screen, I get saw_18518_a_1 as a selector. When I put saw_*_a_1, it says it won’t validate, so the BOT doesn’t know where to select.

Hi @an.nguyen

Pass it to a variable and check it is dynamic



You say it was working before. One of the reasons for not working now could be, you need to have that particular browser open when validating, orelse it cannot find what it is validating.

Hi @an.nguyen

The wild character will not work sometime with specific applications where you need to try using attach live element or you can add aaname attribute if it exists with the current selector.


You can also add a value from a variable as a part of the selector if you know what value should get there. Also make sure when validating, the window is open and active in the background.

The window I’m using is open and active because the BOT is filling out other boxes correctly.

For example, it fills Cost Center and Company Code correctly, but when I want Period Name to be filled out, it fills out Account instead. I’ve tried using wildcard but no success. Would a variable work, or is there some way to ensure BOT only pays attention to the Period Name area?