Wildcard file search in Read text file activity

Hi All,

I need to fetch a single file with wildcard search using Read Text file activity. Issue is in my folder i have file name with same name differentiated by date and time stamp. for example

Folder Path:- D:\RPA\Alerts
File Names : Text_2021_09_21_13_04.csv

Every execution this time stamp will vary so i cannot directly add the file path to the Read Text activity so i need a solution to fetch the file starting with Text and with extension .csv

Suresh R


Unfortunately, Read Text File activity doesn’t support wildcard. Can you try to use GetFiles method in advance as the following?
If you have 2 or more files in the folder and need to process one target file, need to select it using some condition (If activity etc).


Hi Yoichi,

This worked again thanks for your solution…:slight_smile:


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