Use wildcards in to the Expression Editor of an activity


I am using the copy file activity and I want my path to be dynamic. So, I tried to use an asterisk at the end of the path like

→ “C:\This PC\folder1\automations’*’”

but the expression did not recognise the wildcard. How should I write this expression to make the asterisk dynamic? Thank you in advance!

HI @FoTioM

Try this expression

"C:\This PC\folder1\automations\","*.mtgl"


mtgl is the extension of the file


you would try to retrieve the foldername / filename with other options where the Path part name will be used. Eg. filtering on a retrieved list of possible names …

Thank you for your prompt reply. It does not work (end of expression was expected). I believe that the comma is a character that is not used appropriately here.

Can you share the full path and file name here @FoTioM

Thank you for your prompt response. It is out of the box thinking :ok_hand:. However, I want the filename of a .xlsx file that has the date written (e.g. file1_2022_02_02.xlsx). I do not know the date.

In fact, I want to understand if there is a way to use wildcards into the expression editor of an activity.

Finally, the wildcards work inside the method

GetFiles(“C:\This PC\folder1”, “filename_*”)

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