How to get specific file in the folder

I have many csv files in the folder i have to fetch a specific file like “bill date” how to get file.
date is always changing.
help me to do this task…
Wildcard is not accepting in string.


You can fetch files data using Directory.GetFiles(“folder path”).ToString) and validate your file name accordingly and read that file only.

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Can u please tell me how to validate . Or give the condition like i have to fetch like “some_name date”
Example: all 12/04/2018.
All is common factor in this … it will not change only date will change then how can i fetch that file in multiple files


You can use the assign activity to get it done. In assign activity under the value propery provide the below…


This will get any files in the folder with the extension .csv

Hope it helps…


I have tried this to…but its showing illegal character used

Can you share a screenshot of that activity along with the command you use to get files… and also the exact error message…

This is often because people use “ instead of "

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Hey @ravi_gupta

Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile:

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Hi Ravi,

Considering the Example: all 12/04/2018.if the date for the file is current date then you can pick today’s date

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