WI2 Research Copy of Check. ACME Web Page

Hello everyone,

I have been working with WI2 Research Copy of Check activity and I can not find a Client Check Copy Request Form updated. In all the PDFs the Check Date are availables from the following years: 2017, 2018 or 2019 and the year selector activity in Acme System 1 starts with 2020. This way, all the WI2 checks does not have the option to access to the step: “if the check is found, take a screenshot and update the …”.

Also, I was trying with the following date gotten from Work Items - Work Item Details:
but I have the same problem.

I reset all the data from Account - Reset Test Data, but the PDFs are still with the same data.

Do you have any idea to get new files or do I need to continue working with the old ones?



Try editing the pdf and edit the date as you need to sync for now


I also am running into this issue , I tried editing the date when searching to use one of the more modern years but nothing so far. It keeps coming back check not found, the dates on the check are from 2019 before and the years on the search are 2020 and after, any suggestions ??