Acme System 1 Issues: WI2 No Check Images + Blank WI3 Invoices

Hi - I’ve encountered two major issues with the Acme-Test System 1 Website…

The first I discovered while working on the activity for Work Item 2 - Client Check Copy. The issue is that whenever I locate a check within the System 1 Application, the check image always fails to render & display similar to the image below (or alternatively, doesn’t even show the “Check Scan” area at all even though the check will appear via the Check Search):

Inspecting the page, I see it’s attempting to run this as the img src, but doesn’t ever succeed in generating the images:

img src="/lib/png-engine/generate-check.php?checkid=24814181"

Is there anything you can do to resolve this? I did the assignment in the mean time by just uploading the check PDF Request if it’s found in either system for now, but that isn’t the official correct way.

The second issue pertains to the Work Items 3 - Process Vendor Invoices activity. Basically all invoices (1 invoice exception) under the WI3 item type are completely blank in terms of Invoice ID, item descriptions/quantities/amounts, and the subtotal, tax and total amounts but this doesn’t seem correct. No where in the PDD does it state that this would be the case, especially with it being every single invoice except 1 - is this an issue or is it something left out that we are supposed to code for? Literally only one single invoice in my data set has information on it, and it’s not even correct with the data on the Work Item page. Here’s how the empty templates render (only change is layout):

Resetting the test data does not fix either issue, nor does switching browsers as I believe it’s a server-side issue causing the invoices not to render as well as the check images. Any insight into this would be appreciated as I’d like to practice these assignments. @loginerror


To add - the single invoice that does render, doesn’t even render the correct information per the Work Item details nor can I even add the invoice to the system…

For example, the single invoice on my current test data renders on the Work Item page as follows:

Date: 2017-03-21
Amount: 344059
Currency: CAD

However, the Invoice PDF attached to that work item renders the following information:

Date: 2017-07-14
Item Description: Beverages and Catering | Price Per: 199583 USD
Subtotal: 166319 USD | Tax: 33263.8 USD | Total: 199583 USD

I’m guessing something is wrong with the invoice generation script when test data is created.

Bump for resolution … @loginerror @ovi are you able to tag anyone who could assist?

Hi @Jon4than

We are aware that the AMCE website is misbehaving and it will be fixed with some under-the-hood changes.

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Thanks for the update! Much appreciated. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a full resolution update in the coming weeks.

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Hey @loginerror, see that there have been a number of improvements to the acme-test site, but this issue still is currently unresolved even with new test data resets (tried ~30 seconds ago).

Do you have any timeline on when this may be resolved? Appreciate your continued support here - thanks.

Thank you for pointing out the issues. I directed your feedback to my colleagues and we will look into it.

As mentioned before, it is a continuous effort on our side to improve the Acme website. This is why there are occasional outages of the service due to bug fixes being applied.

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Hi @Jon4than,

The issue regarding WI3 - missing data from the PDF invoices is fixed. Please check it and let us know if you find problems.
We’ll look into the problem with the check images as well.

Best regards


Hi @Silviu ,

some news about the repair issue Acme System 1 - WI2 - No Check Images ?

Thanks !

Hi @negret

Could you give it a try again? :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

Yes ! is Ok !

Thanks !

Hi! Is this an issue that keeps returning? I am currently working on the WI2 assignment and I have the same problem, no images are showing when I search for the checks…

Hi @Rikard_Isaksson

It could be. The best would be to contact our Academy Support to directly resolve this issue :slight_smile:
You can do so at this link:

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Ok thanks, I submitted a request.

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The answer I received from this request was simply that the issue must have been resolved since I completed the RPA Advanced Developer… but this assignment isn’t even part of that course. Didn’t really feel like I was being taken seriously. Oh well, I submitted yet another request and hope the people on the other end look it up for real this time.

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Feel free to provide feedback on how we can improve in this regard :slight_smile:

This is the answer I got this time:
" Hello Rikard,

Thanks for contacting.

I am assuming that you are referring to a Forum assignment and as this is a Product support, we do not provide assistance on such queries. I recommend you to use Forum itself, for further details on the enquiry.

I am from the Academy team, and will be glad to assist in Academy related questions.

Saritha MV"

In other words, no1 seems to want to help out with this matter? These assignments is no longer part of the RPA Advanced Developer, but it seems they have been before?

Hi @Rikard_Isaksson

Please try again, it should be fixed now :slight_smile:

This is how the page looks when I search for checks… am I missunderstanding this assignment?

In the PDD it says to save check image…

I think it is a condition - you only have to save the image if the condition is met, otherwise you do the No branch.