I downloaded one of the pdf for WI2 from ACME System 1. I was able to extract all the information about client and check using Get OCR text method except the CHECK_AMOUNT. If i try to extract just the amount i get the output but if I try to extract all the above details and then finally i use a page down and extract the CHECK_AMOUNT, it throws me an error saying it is blank.
Note: I used Microsoft_OCR. I tried tesseract also but same error.


Hello @db64a40e754add3bd2df0ad39 ,

If you are using a pagedown to get the details, make sure you have given proper delay and then only you are trying to fetch the CHECK_AMOUNT value.

It should work fine as other labels.

I tried but it does’nt work.


Can you share a SS of the application and the process which you are doing? Are you trying to get the table from the webpage?

We can download ACME System3 from the below link

Then click on Client–> Search for Client----> By Client ID
Then enter Client ID and check the box “include inactive client”. Then click Search

Then double click on the name that gets populated.

Click on Client checks in the page ,

In the above page we have the date picker, which i am not able manipulate with the date I want. At present it populates the current date, but I want to change the date to something like 23/04/2017, which I am not able to do.


@db64a40e754add3bd2df0ad39 Did you try changing the date using Type Into activity

Yes I tried. When i select for type into, the entire box gets selected. But in actual we have to click on day, month and year separately to change the numbers.