Why this is not validating


I have entered the Text but its not taking why?

Because selector format is incorrect

Her selector is fine. She’s just selecting the browser only, you’re selecting browser plus a page element.

Taruna, do you have Chrome open to that URL while trying to validate? Have you tried clicking Indicate Element and then clicking the browser window to see what selector it gives you?

I was able to reproduce this by using an activity with no selector. The selector you are seeing is the parent selector which is likely pulling from an outer Attach Window activity. So, there is nothing to validate.

You can look for the parent, Attach Window and validate from there. Or use the Indicate Element to select an inner element on the page, as indicated by the previous reply.


Good catch, I didn’t notice that the “hmtl app” selector is greyed out, indicating it’s from a container activity like Attach Window.

Absolutely correct, the issue here is there is no selector.

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When am going on UiExplorer then unable to see selectors to validate anything that’s however as per above suggestion, i will look into parent, attach window and will try to validate from there. will update you.