Validate issue in selector


Hello guys, i have selected a column from a website the selector is showing nothing when i use edit selector the selector is valid but when i try to highlight it is not highlighting anything, does anyone have a solution for this issue.

can you share the url with us?

Hi @Gokul_Murali,

Can you try again by changing the selector property by pressing F4?



@Gokul_Murali Again Indicate element in UiExplorer and Validate it.

I have done it already but no use

I didn’t get, You mean what URL?


I am able to indicate and highlight Element perfectly in Edit explorer and Ui Explorer too.

Screenshot (60)

Below are Selectors.

Which selector you used partial or full selector ?

I tried it but same thing happens

it is Full Selectors as i have not used any attach browser activity outside type into Activity Currently.

as you mentioned website we would assume that there is an adress (URL) and if this website is reachable for us as well we can use the url and cross check from our end