Attach Browser gives no Browser window inheritance to Selectors within Activity

Like the title says. The Attach Browser does not inherit the Browser selector to the Selectors of containing Activities.

Let me give you an example. I have an Attach Browser activity with different Click and Select activities:

All is running fine in the Browser. But as you can see here in the Selector Editor. It says that the Selector is not valid:

That’s because there is missing the App selector:
<html app='chrome.exe' title='Title of the Website!' />

So my question is. Is this intended? Is this a bug?

I mean I don’t like that behaviour as it’s a false positive. To maintain that selector is heavy because it never says valid.

Hi , Yes
It seems to be a bug , I have face the issue too
And also , if the browser is not available by the time of your validation , obviously it gives as invalid selector

Hi @kwoxer,

Did you created the clicks individually and then put them inside the attach browser? I faced the same thing but that happened to me because of that, after indicating the element again it got fixed. It seems you have to indicate it once it’s inside.

I created the whole Browser recording via UiPath Recording tool.

But some of the selectors were ID based. So I updated most of them to be non ID based.

But anyway that’s a normal thing to edit the selector. Even if this creates that issue. That should not happen at all.

Ahh I think I have it. There are typically 2 different ways to apply new selectors.

  1. by using the Selector Editor
  2. by using the Ui Explorer

But they totally behave different.

Most of the time you should prefer the Selector Editor and use the Indicate Element Button. But often that is not the best option as the selector is most of the time ID based. Also the Ui Explorer is not available when the current Selector is invalid. That’s nonsense for me, but ok.

So I often switch to the Ui Explorer in UiStudio on the very top. But when you just use that and copy paste the selector string. Then you get that strange behaviour with not copying the upper selector like “html”.

So for me the real issue is that when a selector is invalid, the Ui Explorer should still be available.

This would solve the issue here and makes more sense.

There is another huge issue. And this comes when you use the BrowserScope activity.

If you set your Browser variable into the Input and Browser. Now you should also have the browser scope in containing Type Intos or Click …. But you do not as you can see in the image.

This is very bad as in that usage the BrowserScope has become useless this way.


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I have also encountered this exact behaviour. Despite the use of the “Object Browser” being considered best practice (see this thread), it doesn’t seem to be feasible if you want to perform any activity with it. (making it useless)

The browser selector information is not inherited in the nested activities as “Click” or “Type into”. I understand that at “design time” the selector is unknown, but it should be evaluated and passed on at runtime. This appears not to be the case.

Did you ever get any feedback or find a workaround? I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong… it seems too weird to have the feature and yet, make it useless.

Is there any resolusion on this issues. I am currently facing the exact same thing. if I use the Browser object, my ExtractData activity does not work since there is no Parent selector in my current selector.

Maybe try to use the new Use Browser scope?