Why the "Continue on error" property checkbox has three possible values?

I wish to know why the “Continue on error” property that’s available in activies, and it’s controlled via a checkbox, has a third-state (a sort of “square” when it’s neither checked or unchecked). The tooltip on the textinput specifically says that “Only boolean values are admitted (True, False) are Supported”. What does this state mean? It will continue on error or not? While the textinput is accepting an empty value? In fact, the whole point of having both a textinput and a checkbox looks silly to me, or a user interface design error. If only a boolean is allowed, then leave only the checkbox. This causes further confusion to the user, not to say that a number of times it stays in this mysterious “third state” without me not being aware of it, thus not knowing what’s going to happen.

If this is a bug, then I think it should be addressed.

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One value is explicitly telling it yes, the other option is explicitly telling it no, and the third option (no value) is so that you can put an expression or variable in the property. The checkbox is just a UI convenience, a bit simpler than manually type True or False. If you leave it blank, it’s the same as False.


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Hi @pere ,

I think this is observed in other activities as well. But however may be not directly checked with Powershell activity or maybe the activity falls under Other activities category.

We can check what is the configuration from the Project settings Panel, on what it should perform when left blank.

There is no setting for Continue on Error in the Project Settings.

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