How to continue the workflow when run time error happens?

How to continue my workflow smoother when Run time error or any pop up message shows intermediately on workflow running.

If anyone have some Workflow samples please share it here

Thanks in Advance

You can use “Continue on Error” property depending on the severity of your Error.

Regarding the pop up, if you can predict where the pop up might appear, use “On Element Appear” activity to close the pop up and continue with rest of the logic.

When i search for continue on error in my activities pane, it isn’t returning anything should i look else where?

continue on error is not on activity its a property in the activity

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Hi @ashweasly

It’s in Properties pane For example i am attaching image for Click activity

It accepts only Boolean Value(True/False)

JothyPrasanth M

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thanks a lot Jothiprashanth!