Continue on error is used for error and handling or for other activity?

Hello…I am preparing for Associate exam and I do not have any working knowledge of UiPath RPA so my question may be confusing. But can someone tell me if continue on Error which i breifly learned in UiPath academy an activity used in Try Catch block at all or only with Selectors/Open Browsers type? I am confused and cannot find answers in Uipath Academy .


Continue on error option will be available for all Browser activities and other also where interactions are possible.
It will gives you option to move forward even if you are getting error for that activity or say it fails to perform that activity.
So as per your requirement you can use this option.

But for better practice you must use Try Catch so that u can keep track and put alternate option for that error activity in try catch.

Prathamesh :blush:.

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Hi @Asha_Desai,

ContinueOnError allows an exception to be ignored on an activity. For example the Kill Process activity sometimes produces an exception when the named process is not running. Marking ContinueOnError to True on the Kill Process will kill the process if it is open, and skip it if it is not open. I hope this makes sense.

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