Database query capture the error


I am working on query database and write the value, but the situation is,
when I use the “Execute Query” activity, there is property “ContinueOnError”, it is set as “True” so that even error happens the process can continue.

But the problem is, I would like to have the error been highlighted as a strange value so I can identify it immediately, but this activity did not provide this function, any handy idea to do this?


@jingwang0222 You Should set ContinueOnError Property to False

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Hi Thanks for your reply, because the query is long, my assumption is: while it is “True”, any solution to capture the error occurred?

@jingwang0222 Have you tried using a Try Catch Activity ?

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You can put your execute query in try catch and check.

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Hi Thanks for the advice

but as the official web said
" If this activity is included in Try Catch and the value of the ContinueOnError property is True, no error is caught when the project is executed."

Make ContinueOnError property as False and check.

Hi @jingwang0222

Give all the available parameters and based on that you can set the continue on error as falseand check whether the activity is within try catch block

Ashwin S

Hi All

Thanks for the help, problem solved, I add another execute query to give a dummy initial value for every result I required, then if the real execute query get the right value, it will be overwrote, if error, it will be dummy value/empty.

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