Why robot still run old package although already publish/up latest version

Hi anyone know how to handle this ? i use community edition UiPath, after i publish and up in orchestrator robot still run the old package instead of the new one.

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Did you upgraded the package in orchestrator?
Check the version number of the package you’re deploying and confirm it matches the version you want to run

yes, for example prev is 1.0.26… then new one is 1.0.27… when i run the process robot still use prev version. already delete the processes and create new one.

Hi @anis.syafrina

You can check which package version is currently active and, based on your requirements, change other package versions to be active.


The process once published in orchestrator , go to process in orchestrator and then click on upgrade version

Hi @anis.syafrina ,
Have you check update version in Orches



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Though u have published it is not yet updated to its latest version

Use the checkboxes to select which processes to upgrade and click Upgrade . The selected processes are updated to the new package version, and the window closes

You have got all the details here from UiPath as a document

Check with this document on managing packages

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Just by publishing the process will not be upgraded to latest version

Please go to process tab and click on the process and choose to upgrade to latest version or open and choose the version you want to upgrade to

That is when new version is taken


hi yess already use latest.

yes already upgrde.

After publishing or updating the version are u running from orchestrator or UiPath assistant
If from UiPath assistant then there also you need to update and install the latest version
Click on the process in assistant and click install
Then try to execute


Then Just try running the process in the orchestrator itself