Why I published the new version,but uipath assistant didn't sync the new version to install

I have published the new version ,but Uipath assistant can not sync the new version now , So I only run the old version not the version which is latest publish.

what is wrong with it,please~~
Becoz can sync the new verison and install in the past.

Hi @karol.pang ,

Once you publish new package you have to update process version in orchestrator.
Have you done this…?
If not, navigate to process tab and select respective process. There you will get list of versions along with option to select package version. Update version to latest / required version and update process

hihi thanks for your reply.

would you mind tell me where to select the package version?

Actually, I don’t need to select the package version in the past.



If you are using community version, select Automations/Process /<process_name>and click on edit button.
Then select the package version from below highlighted dropdown

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