Why no in some laptop

Hi Guys,

I used the command likes "start C:\Progra~1\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe execute --file “C:\UiPath\abc.nupkg”. It run smoothly on the some laptops when user is local administrator, but cannot startup the process on other laptops when user aren’t loacal administrator even run it in the administrator CMD window.

I found the log message "UiPathRobotServices 51824562 IAttendedService StartJob 6. # UiPath.Service.Orchestrator.Core.NoUserSessionException: A local license is required.“
I used the UiPathStudioCommunity v2023.4.1 installation package.

is there anyone that can help please?

  1. Check licensing: Ensure that you have a valid license for the UiPath software. If you are using UiPath Studio Community Edition, make sure you have activated it correctly.
  2. Run UiPath Robot as a service: Instead of running UiPath Robot from the command line, try running it as a service. This can be achieved by installing and configuring the UiPath Robot service. Running as a service can help with user session-related issues.
  3. Grant necessary permissions: If the issue persists, ensure that the user running the process has the necessary permissions. Grant the user the required access rights and privileges to execute the process and access the required resources.
  4. Verify user session: Check if the user session on the laptops where the process fails is properly established. Sometimes, issues with remote desktop sessions or disconnected user sessions can cause problems. Make sure the user has an active session on the machine.


Check if you have the license for all the laptops?
You have studio for all the laptops where you are unable to run?
Check what is the difference you see from the laptops where the process and running


Hi raja,

yes, I use the UiPath Community Edition, how to activate the license?

Your attended robots need to be added in Orchestrator and connected to it in UiPath Assistant in order to use the Community License and run the processes.

From the error "UiPathRobotServices 51824562 IAttendedService StartJob 6. # UiPath.Service.Orchestrator.Core.NoUserSessionException: A local license is required.“ we can see that either you are not having a local license, or you didn’t activate it.

More details here:


You can use the command line approach for activating the Studio locally (but you will need a standalone license) https://docs.uipath.com/robot/standalone/2023.4/user-guide/licensetool-command-descriptions#activate

More details also here: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/standalone/2023.4/user-guide/activating-your-studio-license