Why my Studio “Click” activity cannot select an individual element? It can only select the entire screen?

Previously, the “Click” activity could select individual elements on a page, but recently I found that this activity can only select the entire screen when using Studio. Why is this?

Hi @shenyu

is the click activity inside an Use Application/Browser Activity?


In the process I wrote previously, the “Click” activity could directly select page elements. However, recently I added a new “Click” activity and it can no longer select individual page elements.

Could you re install you browser extension? and then try again


I uninstalled Chrome and Edge, but reinstalling them still doesn’t work. Is it possible that it could be a problem with ‘management packages’?

if you are working with classic activities, drag and drop an attach browser activity attach the browser you want and inside your click activity

if you are working with modern then drag and drop an Use Application/Browser Activity, and inside your click activity


I found the reason. It was because I had used another software to enable the ‘screen recording selection area’ function and selected the entire screen. It seems that the ‘click’ action was recognized within the selection area, causing the issue. Thank you very much for your answer.

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