Activity not working on a web page dialog


[click] and [check] activity not working on web page dialog. And other activity do not work.
Do you know what the issue can be?


It’s just the problem with dynamic selector.
Use UiExplore to get reliable sector and then pass in click activity.

Can you show us your selector also, so that i can guide you how to access this object.
Based on my observation on your screen area, you have to learn each object individually instead of collecting all object information in the selector. for example, the area what you selected in red box has 2 radio buttons (each one can control with idx value) and 2 buttons. so you have to find selector value for a single radio button and if you change idx(Index) value then the same selector will select 2nd radio button. similarly if you change button name/label then the same button selector will work for both buttons.
as @ddpadil suggested UiExplore also very helpful to highlight the right object.

Hope my inputs are useful :slight_smile:

Hi @rkelchuri @ddpadil

I was able to solve this problem.
Thank you for giving me good advice.


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