Why is UiPath pricing a secret?


questions about pricing are usually answered by link - Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath

I haven’t find the only one contribution that mentions prices of all products on this forum or on uipath web. Does everybody pay for the same product different price or why is it a secret?

I’ve found these prices - RPA 2019: Hidden UIPath RPA Pricing
Can anyone confirm or mension the real prices, please?

Thank you.

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UiPath is an international company. I would imagine that their pricing varies between countries and currencies. The best way to find pricing is to contact UiPath or sign up for a free Enterprise trail.

Alternatively if you are small scale you can use the community addition for up to 2 attended and 1 unattended robot licenses.



Does that mean that I can use Uipath for free until our company grows and needs more robots?


That is my understanding. The UiPath site states that Community Edition is: “For individual RPA developers and small teams. Upgrade to enterprise versions at any time. Terms and conditions apply.”

I would recommend reading through the terms and conditions or reaching out to UiPath for more informaiton.

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Thank you for your feedback.