Orchestrator Enterprise version price

Hi all,

can any one help me with the price of Orchestrator License price. it’s very urgent

thanks in advance

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Hi Pathrudu,

Please fill the form here: https://www.uipath.com/contact-sales-partnerships and one of the Sales people will get in touch to provide you more details.


@ovi thanks for your Information. we tried to contact sales team yesterday but we couldn’t reach, as we need it’s price on urgent basis i posted here.


I grab this opportunity to ask a generic question: Why UiPath (and the rest RPA vendors) keep they pricing models secret?

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I am not sure i guess there might be reason they are having re-sellers to. so they cannot reveal the actual prices

Hi there,

This is not RPA specific. Many software vendors don’t publish publicly (on the corporate site for example) the pricing model. There are many reasons to this. However, this does not mean it is secret. It just means it is not publicly disclosed. If a company is interested in the current pricing model they can contact our sales department.