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We are gaining experience in RPA, we are studying the UIPath Studio and we verify that it has a lot of potential.

We need to know what the pricing plan for UIPathStudio, Orchestrator ans for each UIRobot is if we want to develop processes and place them on our customers. Which licenses will we have to acquire and at what cost!? Would each client computer where the process would be run have to have an IDE license, or is there a type of license for these cases?

The UIPath Studio Community License is availaible for create BOTS to run into customers machines with UIRobots licenses.

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Kindly contact our sales team on this pls

Cheers @xpertgo.labs

hi @xpertgo.labs
the prices are not visible for all people, at least you can contact sales and ask about you needs and prices.

however, here are approximate prices to the licenses, you can check that

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Hi all,
We have exactly the same question here.
There is a lot of potential in UiPath, but we can’t evaluate the net benefit without knowing the costs.
After a lot of search, we found out this page
It seems pricing is a bit secretive for Ui Path, and really demotivating… Why isn’t there a page with a price list?

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