Why is UI-Path so fast!

Hi Everyone!

We’ve just started using UI-Path and so far are very impressed.
I’m just curious though - how can UI-Path interact with our java web applications so quickly?
We never get that sort of response time from the interface, but when we press “play” the interface flies (it’s very quick)!
Is anyone able to explain what’s happening under the hood?
I’m curious as to whether or not this implies that we could get better performance from our java web applications in general.
Why are button clicks so much faster when performed by UI-Path, with so much less waiting for screens to load?
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi @Lauren_Baird

You mean that when UiPath is working on the java web applications, its loading time become faster?
If this is true then it’s weird because RPA tools has no effect on the applications themselves since they are using the User Interface much like humans.

Are there activities in your workflow where you’re using maybe code or any other unusual activity that can be interacting with an API rather than the User Interface?

Hi @Lauren_Baird

It is most likely because it works directly with the elements and checks for their state of readiness. Even though the interface was not fully loaded yet, UiPath is able to send the Click or Type Into message to the app and it gets registered faster than the menu can visually load :slight_smile:


Thanks @loginerror Much appreciated! I guess that makes some sense.

Hi @reda - it is just loading much faster through UIPath between windows.
No unusual workflow activity that I can think of - just the plain interaction with the web page.

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