Web pages slow down by Robot execution

Hi community,

I have notice that when running an automation the loading of certain wbsites takes a noticeable amount of time more compared to when I am using the same website. Is this a common issue when running UiPath robots? Is there any solution for such problem?

It wont be like that, That is not going to impact your web page :slight_smile:

check your network connection
Clear cache and try again


Hello @sebastiano_santini

In usual scenarios, there won’t be any loading issues. Please check the hardware and software prerequisites of your machine and the internet connectivity.
Maybe it can be the reason for the slowness.


Also, check which services/apps are scanning the UiPath processes when you are having that slowness. After you found them, either you are disconnecting them temporarily, or in them, you are creating some exclusions rules for UiPath DLL files or executables.