Why is my Data Table not being passed to the next workflow file?

I have a Argument “caseDetails3” DataTable and its direction is In/Out. In the next workflow file the Argument “caseDetails3” DataTable direction In is set. when the for each activity begins I’m told the data table isn’t set to and instance of an object. Where am I going wrong?


Can you share some screenshots of your workflow ?

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Hi @Mohammed_Akhtar ,

We would suggest you to Perform a Debug/Step Into or by placing Breakpoints and check on the Immediate/Local Panels at each step the value of the datatable.

In this way, you would be able to identify the point at which the error occurs or why the assignment of value did not happen.

If still facing issues, do provide us more info on the workflow part.

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Hi @rikulsilva I can share some screenshots. Sorry for the limited images the data ill be handling is very sensitive but I hope this makes things clearer.

this is the table I create, it has named columns and blank rows. Throw this workflow file I manipulate caseDetails (seen in next sc) and add the required data row to caseDetails3 which I then need to send to the send workflow file in the automation.

This is a screenshot of argument passing caseDetails In and caseDetails3 out.

This SC is the next workflow file where im checking to see if caseDetails3 passed through fine but im faced with this at the previous step.


Thanks for sharing.

Where in first SC you pass values into caseDetails to CaseDetails3 ?

The flow for this is

Workflow A:

When you use Invoke Workflow File, you need provide DataTable for CaseDetails as in Argument and provide some variable of Datatable for OutArgument

Then Call Workflow B
When you use Invoke Workflow File, you need provide DataTable Variable for CaseDetails3 Argument.

Make sure you don’t change argument or variable types for others, if you do that, you need go back in Invoke Workflow File, clean the respect variable and pass it again. This way UiPath recognize the changed type

Use Run in Debug mode with break point o see where things going bad

I will try run in debug mode and add some breakpoints for a better look at the issue.
in WorkflowA I do the following to data from caseDetails:

No luck unfortunately, still getting this… :frowning: