Issues with data table not being handed in or out of invoked workflow

Hi Guys, please see my screenshots. I have a issue with validated cases. I initialize the table with the same structure used later. I set the argument data type to and set the direction to in/out all in the main file or “highest level” I pass the data table into a invoke workflow file and it prints blank, without the structure. My issue is I NEED to pass the table out of the invoke workflow file after its been manipulated inside the workflow file. but it seems to no go in or out.

Main flow.

Main flow arguments.

Invoked work flow (“Null Validation”) is too long for one screenshot so see the following instead.
This prints blank.
and then in the same workflow file this prints with the structure and relevant data.
here are the arguments in “workflow null”.

I would appreciate all and any feedback/ criticism. This is the first of many projects ill be handling. Im self taught but have had to meet tight deadlines so my learning was limited to as and when. Thank you.


If you want the structure please try using

Dt.Clone() or dt.Copy()

But dont directly assign one dt to another


Resolved issue by giving the DT a default value, I believe the issue was with the DT not being initialized.

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