Data Table Bug

I am passing a datatable to a workflow (As IN Argument) and changing the value of first cell inside the workflow , but when come out of the workflow and print the value of the first cell it is the changed value. This issue is not just limited to Assign. Please explain.

eg. Table1 has three rows, and in the workflow1 i will change the first cell from ‘Priyanka’ to ‘Pariniti’ and when i come out of workflow1 it should print ‘Priyanka’ as I passed Table1 as IN Argument to workflow1 but it is printing ‘Pariniti’.

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Do a crosscheck if the arguments are correct handled (in, out, in/out directions)

I am Passing them as Input arguments only.

is invoke workflow passing the datatable by reference? can anyone confirm on this?

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That is the expected behavior of a data table, whenever we change some value that should hold the value in it.

Agreed. But should it change the value in the main workflow if it is being passed as only input argument to other workflow?

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No it is not expected. When you manipulate a String argument in the child workflow it won’t affect the parent String variable. This is not true for DataTable.